Bob Logan2

For years I have subscribed to a blog entitled LOGAN LEADERSHIP wirtten by Bob Logan.  Bob is a good friend of the Vineyard, and I can’t tell you how many of his blog posts have been helpful to me.  I highly recommend it – they’re short, meaningful and almost always relevant.  You can sign up for free by writing Bob at bob@loganleadership.com  and requesting to receive his blog.

Recently  Bob posted his list of the important dimensions of discipleship.  As you compare it to the list I shared with you last week from Jim Putman, you will notice some of the same elements, plus a number of new dimensions.

  • EXPERIENCING GOD: Intentionally and consistently engaging with God in such a way that you open yourself to a deeper understanding of him and deeper relationship with him.
  • SPIRITUAL RESPONSIVENESS: Actively listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action according to what you are hearing.
  • SACRIFICAL SERVICE: Doing good works even when it’s costly, inconvenient or challenging
  • GENEROUS LIVING: Faithfully stewarding what God has given you so you can contribute toward the advancement of the Kingdom
  • DISCIPLE MAKING: Living in obedience to the great commission given by Jesus, which entails making more and better followers of Christ.
  • PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: Changing your attitudes and behaviors in positive ways as a result of your relationship with God and others.
  • AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS: Engaging with other people in ways that reflect the heart of God toward them.
  • COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION: Personal involvement with others to facilitate positive change where you live and beyond.

As I wrap up this current series on discipleship, I want you to know that I am praying for each of you.  May the Holy Spirit lead you in WHO to disciple, WHAT to pass on to them, and HOW you can most effectively shape their lives to look more like Jesus.

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