Friends_with_Mobile_PhonesA week ago I received this letter from a friend who has been sharing her faith with one of her friends. It was so inspiring, I thought I would share it with you. My prayer is that it would inspire me and you to do the same in our communities.

Beloved Community,

Remember the young lady I wrote about that was in a vulnerable situation?  Over the past few months she has been through a process of change.

I shared my faith with her (prophesied to her, extended practical help through our house church – e.g. clothes and rent- prayed for her, explained the gospel to her several times in several ways, gave her a Bible, taught her that Jesus is worth the risk, brought a friend from her same faith background to share her story of how she also meet Jesus).

On a very practical level she now has a job, an apartment, and a budget (that took some discipling sessions).  And the big news is that she has experienced the love of Jesus whom she now sees as much more than a prophet.

She asked me for the book of John and when I gave it to her she said ¨How is this supposed to help, it´s basically just a pamphlet, I have real problems!!!¨ But once she read it, she asked for the whole Bible and she has become passionate about the Bible, even reading it at work. She says ¨I feel Jesus presence all the time.¨

Jesus has done many things to win her heart: she had a demon cast out, she learned to fight off demons using the name of Jesus, and she received a prophetic word that healed a childhood wound that was deep in her heart.

We started doing Jesus’ works together (we shared the gospel with her friends together, ask for healing together, modeling boldness and kindness in situations together).

When she and her friend were instantly healed she started jumping up and down hugging me and saying, ¨This stuff isn´t supposed to work!  It´s supposed to be  fake!¨  She is so honest and a real wild child!  It´s fun discovering Jesus afresh through her eyes.

About a week after she experienced getting healed, she was visiting in my house and I told her that I had some pain in my hip and asked her to pray for me.  She did and I got instantly healed too!  She was shocked and then jokingly said ¨I have the   power!¨  I shared with her how Jesus wants to use people to heal, but with Jesus´ same humble attitude.  It´s not about us, it´s about Jesus´ heart for people, so if we want to be used by God, we need to stay safe people; free from any power craze.

She works in a call center booking flights for customers of sites like Expedia (maybe she has booked a flight for you).  With her simple faith she saw that one of her colleagues was in sharp immobilizing back pain.  She asked if she could pray for him.  He said ¨I really don´t want to get involved with anything I´m not sure about, so no thanks.¨  (A lot of people in her life are from a Muslim background, but non-religious).

She said ¨no problem¨ and walked away, but then she prayed silently and the man got instantly healed.  He was so shocked that he came right away and asked her if she had prayed.  She decided to say ¨nope.¨  When she told me what happened I was surprised to hear her say, ¨It doesn´t matter if I prayed or not, it matters that he got healed.  It´s what God wanted to do and that´s what matters.¨ This is the way to know if your disciples are understanding – see the fruit in their lives.

Just this week she got a call at work from somebody booking a flight because he has cancer and needs treatment.  She told him, ¨Look, I don´t know if this will work, but I´ll pray for you to get healed.¨  God can do a lot with simple faith.

Now I am continuing to follow up with her as she continues to do Jesus´ works without me in her contexts (she has given away Bibles to her friends and started sharing what she is learning).  She is deep in a community I would rarely ever have access too.

Pray for her to fully enter a time of transformative repentance; that she would behold this holy God and let Him purify her.   Also pray for her as she reads her Bible at work and tells her friends about what she is learning.  One person tried to take away her Bible, threatened her, and then hit her.

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