Try a Simple Church!

Simple Church in a small place in Delhi with Raj

Three Thirds House Church Format
Structure your time together into equal thirds (example: if you meet for 3 hours then do an hour each section or 45 min a section if you meet for 2:15). The parts of each section can be done in any order as the Spirit leads.
LOOK IN (1⁄3 of your time)
Check in
Possible Options:
 Share a meal, a refreshment, dessert
 A testimony from the previous week
 How has the week been?
 How has everyone’s personal relationship with God been?
 If anyone is struggling, pray for him/her, and stay after to care for that person.
Check-up (Never skip)

  1. How have you obeyed what you have learned?
  2. Who have you trained in what you have learned?
  3. With whom have you shared your story or God’s story?
    Sing together with instruments, acapella, or YouTube. Share a verse, prophecy, or other gifts of the spirit. (1 Corinthians 14:26).
    LOOK UP (1⁄3 of your time)
    Read and Discuss.

     Pray and Ask God to teach you this passage.
     Read this week’s passage and discuss the following questions:
    1) What did you like about this passage?
    2) What did you find difficult about this passage?
     Read this week’s passage again and discuss the following questions: 3) What does this passage teach about God?
    4) What does this passage teach about people?
    LOOK OUT (1⁄3 of your time)
    Obey. Train. Share. (Never skip) Have everyone in the group pray for the Spirit to show them how
    to answer these questions, then make commitments. Write the commitments down.
    5) How will you obey this passage?
    6) Who will you train with this passage?
    7) With whom will you share your story or the story of God?

Practice (Never skip) Split up into groups of two or three, practice what you have committed to do in question 5, 6 or 7.
 Role play (if appropriate) For example, role- play a difficult conversation or facing a temptation; practice teaching today’s passage, or practice sharing the Gospel.
 Pray – In groups of two or three, pray for every member individually. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the people who will be hearing about Jesus this week. Ask Him to give you the strength to be obedient to your commitments.
Communion (optional) – insert wherever it fits during the time together.

Try this in your community as you make disciples that make disciples! You can meet anywhere anytime! Children and youth can be actively involved! It’s working in so many places to help multiply groups without much expense!


  1. I love this!!! This is so helpful to me!! Dave and I have a call to teach and preach in the nations. But now, this identifies how to specifically do it!!! We had a home church for 5 years which was mAgnificent . But this helps us make disciples!! I am jumping up and down inside 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️ Susan

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