Supernatural Increase

Luke 19:16-17. “The first one came and said, ‘Sir, your mina has earned ten more.’ ‘Well done, my good servant,’ his master replied.

Before going to receive his kingdom, the master gave one mina to ten of his servants. Each was told to put the money to work until he returned. When the master returned he called his servants to him. The first servant came and reported to the master that his one mina had now become 10. He received the praise of the master and was given responsibility for ten cities.

The second servant reported a five-fold increase. His one coin had become five. He too was given more responsibility and authority by the master. The third servant though, had buried what he had been given and it had remained the same. He had neither grown what he had been given nor put it to work as the master had said to do. This servant was called a wicked servant and removed from the kingdom.

This well known parable speaks to us of God’s expectation that His followers would take what they have been given and increase it. God expects us to grow! He expects us to multiply! And He expects the us to multiply a lot!

What would it look like in your ministry if you saw an increase of ten times in the next few years? What if your 20 believers became 200? Or your three house churches became 30 house churches? Let’s ask God for this kind of supernatural growth. He is able and He can do this through you!

One day we will hear Him say “Well done, faithful servant. You’ve taken what I’ve given you – multiplied it and increased it!”

Questions to consider:

  1. How am I investing what God has given me to see an increase of His Kingdom?
  2. In what ways may I be focused on what I don’t have, rather than using and increasing what I have in my hands already?
  3. What would need to change in my heart, for me to believe God for ten times increase in the fruitfulness of our church planting ministry?

A Church Planter’s Prayer:

Dear Jesus, please show me how to invest what You have given me and see it grow. I don’t want to be content with limited growth. I want to see Your Kingdom increase in big ways! Show me how to multiply the work and see many people trust in You this year. Show me how to disciple and raise up leaders who will disciple others too. I want to believe You for ten times increase. Amen.

(taken from C Anderson’s Faith to Move Mountains available on Amazon)

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