19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people. Matthew 4:19 NIV

This young man is only 27 and has found this village of people who catch crabs for a living in Andhra Pradesh India. He has helped start a church among them called Grace Gateway! They have built a shelter for the heavy storms in the area since they just live in tents. They have permission from the Government to help these people.

He has been helping them during this pandemic time with some food rations and discipling them to make disciples. Some of the upcoming leaders of this group have gone with Xavier to another village of the same tribe and told them stories about Jesus. We are praying for him as he tries to give them vision to reach more people with the Good News about Jesus.

He is also spending time with the children and telling them stories about Jesus and playing with them.

Jesus is sending him out to fish for people just like in Matthew 4.

What is Jesus calling you to do right now? Is he calling you to go fish for people? Are there people around you that don’t know about Jesus?

Are there needs that you can meet with needy people around you?

Let’s go out and pray for people who are sick and help the poor who may need some food during this time. God is calling each one of us!

God has been answering prayer and we are so grateful. It’s a privilege to be connected to Xavier and the people he is reaching.

I want to reach more people and tell them about Jesus here in Chicago as well as the people all over the world I am connected with. How about you? Let’s go and be His hands and feet today!

This will be a zoom meeting and I will share the link with you all next week! Robby is a friend of ours who has been a Vineyard pastor outside of Chicago and has visited India at least twice to help equip the people for the works of the Kingdom.


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