Let’s pray for Diwali

Let’s pray for Diwali! Over a billion people will be celebrating this festival this weekend all over the world! Hindu culture is so complex and many Hindus are quite secular, but all celebrate this festival of lights! They are celebrating good over evil and light over darkness.

Families will be getting together dressed fancy to have a special meal and treats. Lots of fireworks will be going off as you can see in the photo above.

Pray that today, Hindu
peoples will have a
revelation of Jesus, the
Light of the world and
Savior of all humanity.
(JOHN 8:12)

Pray that the truth
of Christ’s great love
for Hindu people will
be lifted up, like on
a lampstand, for all
Hindus to encounter.

Pray for Hindu
women who need
a deliverer, to
encounter Jesus,
who promised
living water to the
woman at the well
in JOHN 4:4-26.

Pray for Hindu families, that they
will turn to Christ as whole family
units, which strengthens the faith
of each member and provides a
strong witness of God’s heart for
family. (HEBREWS 2:10-12)

Thanks so much for your prayers during this festival time. Also pray for people to be safe and healthy and have wisdom on what to do and what not to do during this pandemic time.

Let’s ask God for compassion for the HIndu people that they would truly find the one true God, Jesus!

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