What can people do during a strict lockdown in South Asia?

Home group in South Asia

We have the privilege of talking with leaders in South Asia everyday on zoom or what’s app.

God is on the move no matter what kind of restrictions are present any place.
Some places people can hardly leave their houses except for three hours in the morning to buy some food and necessities.

People cannot gather to meet anywhere in large groups. And yet, what is happening over there?

This morning we spoke with a couple who have a vision to reach 150 villages in their area to tell them about Jesus in simple stories and begin house churches. They have been training leaders for over three years and have a team of five that live in their area and can help them begin to reach these villages.

The other leaders in the church heard about what they are doing and decided to form two other teams to reach two other areas in a similar way. This is a new development.

We have also heard of several groups who are doing a vacation bible school program for kids on zoom. Kids can’t leave the house but people can share with them about Jesus and they can invite their friends and neighbors also to join since everybody is home with free time!

People are realizing that you can pray for healing for people over the phone and some have been healed. You can even instruct people how to baptize people over the phone.
You can have prayer groups and pass on prayer requests over the phone.

You can tell stories over the phone about Jesus and do simple discovery bible studies over the phone. You can also share with people when you do go out to buy eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables. You can share with parents of other kids when you see them on the road.

You can share with the people who are selling things and delivering things to your house. It all makes me wonder, what are we doing over here during this phase of the pandemic?

Since our restrictions are being lifted, who can we invite over or share with as we do our prayer walks or run errands? What if people are open because they are lonely and need some real friends during this time?

Let’s go out and let our light shine in the neighborhood. If they can do it during a strict lockdown, shouldn’t we also see what we can do?

Matthew 5:16: Let your light shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

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